Lady Gaga Loves Starbucks’ New Matcha Lemonade, So I Tried It And I’m Obsessed

When news broke of Lady GagasBorn This Way Foundation collaboration with Starbucks, I knew I had to try a drinkfrom the Cups of Kindness Collection.

With 25 cents of every cup sold going toward the organization whose mission is to empower young people its pretty much the easiest, tastiest way to make a difference for the next week.

Though there are a total of four dairy-free drinks in the collection (Matcha Lemonade, Pink Drink, Ombr Pink Drink, and Violet Drink), my choice to try Matcha Lemonade was super easy to make.


For starters, Lady Gaga said she fell in love with the greenbeverage, so she recommended it. Also, I have a tree nut allergy and cannot drink coconut milk, which is sadly (for me) the main ingredient in the three others on the menu.

Alas, my decision was made.

I know you may be wondering, WTF does the Matcha Lemonade that Lady Gaga loves so dearly taste like? Well, it tastes like lemonade!

Its like a pretty, boldly-colored take on the summer classicwith all the health benefits of finely ground Teavana matcha green tea dissolved intoeach citrusy sip.

Disclaimer: I hadnt actually tried matcha before this test, so I was expecting toit in there, but did not.

Macy Daniela Martin

If, like me, youre a fan of coffee as your main source of caffeine, Im here to say that the matchadid actually giveme a similar burst of refreshing energy. (Its also hard to not feel amazing while sipping an ice cold drink in the summers heat. But the green tea powderhelped for sure.)

Another note: Sugary drink haters will love that this new Starbucks menu item isnt overly sweet. They dont add any kind of syrup to it, so its literally just matcha and lemonade.

Macy Daniela Martin

Overall, I recommend it. Im already a little obsessed and wishId ordered a Venti.

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